For Professional Geotechnical, Environmental & Exploration Drilling Services


Star Drilling is committed to remaining a lead provider of drilling services to the Australian drilling industry, delivering “Safe, Flexible and Reliable drilling programs.”

From one or two day environmental projects to multi-year contracts with some of the biggest company’s in Australia, we offer a diverse range of drilling methods that cater to high profile infrastructure projects, long term mining contracts and small and large geotechnical and environmental programs. We offer professional drilling programs across Australia that are executed to the highest level at competitive rates.

Our projects will be delivered to your specific requirements by our qualified and highly skilled drill crews. We comply with best practice safety systems and use high quality, safety standard equipment.


Our reputation is built on the ability to safely deliver efficient drilling programs, with experience and a commitment by our team members who are maintaining the highest of professional standards.

When you engage Star Drilling, you can be assured of quality and safety. Annual assessments and continued professional development keep our staff at the forefront of industry to ensure that nothing less than the best is provided to our clients.


We offer a range of services including:

  • Sonic Drilling
  • Solid and Hollow Flight Auger
  • Mud Rotary
  • Down Hole Hammer
  • Diamond Coring (NMLC, NQ, HQ, PQ)
  • Direct Push Macro Coring & Dual Tube
  • Gas bore installation
  • Sub slab vapour pins
  • Gas vapour probes
  • Leachate extraction bores
  • Leachate monitoring well installations
  • PCD Chip & Core
  • NQ HQ PQ straddle and single packer testing
  • Environmental monitoring well drilling installation
  • Production well drilling installation
  • Injection well drilling installation
  • Experience working with all down hole logging tools
  • Core orientation
  • VWP installation
  • Extensometer installation
  • Inclinometer installation
  • Earth rod installation
  • Cathodic & anodic protection installation
  • Barge drilling, jack up or floating
  • Tight access drilling
  • Dam wall investigations
  • Hydrovac excavation | NDD | Hand auger
  • Well repair
  • Supply of drilling consumables
  • Well development – chemical – air lift – surge – jetting

Contact us to discuss your next drilling program, big or small, we are at your service!

At Star Drilling, our safety vision is that “Our workplace will be free of injury and illness.” The healthy and safety of our employees, contractors and visitors is our number one priority. All injuries and incidents can be prevented, and we follow proper safety guidelines to make sure that all tasks can be carried out without injury.

At Star Drilling we like to keep a minimal impact on the environment and therefore our vision is “Act to minimise our impact on the environment.” We conduct our activities in an environmentally responsible and sustainable way. We have a qualified health and safety professional on board who ensures that our work is carried out to the highest standard that complies with all regulatory requirements.

Our Quality Management Systems at Star Drilling are based on ISO 9001, which provides the framework for our continuous improvement for all our clients services. We achieve this through regular auditing, addressing corrective actions and providing our employees with training to maintain high quality standards of practice. In addition to this we also maintain our equipment to the manufacturer’s specifications.


Star Drilling offer professional drilling services for a diverse range of drilling projects across Australasia, from high profile infrastructure to environmental, geotechnical and exploration drilling programs.

Our Drilling Methods:

  • SONIC Drilling - Either or both Down Hole Hammer and Diamond Core with the one rig.
  • Solid Flight Auger
  • Hollow Flight Auger
  • Mud Rotary Drilling
  • Down Hole Hammer
  • Diamond Coring (NMLC, NQ, HQ, PQ)
  • Direct Push Macro Coring & Dual Tube Drilling
  • PCD Chip and Core
  • Air Blade

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